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Burcham trains for sub-4
No description provided.
Phil Wharton Active Isolated Stretching
Since we have a number of guys who need flexibility work, check out this video. Great stuff and ...
Frosh/soph video from Roxbury
Thanks to Mr. Mooney for putting this together.
Martin: End of an Era
Worth another put-up. Get psyched about XC and think a big thanks to Martin. Props to Jack and ...
NXN Highlights
Spot the Blue Devils @ 1:08
Why Run XC?
John Kirna's senior project - a must-view for anyone thinking about joining XC
Depaolo Wins High Jump
Mike clears 6' to win HJ at Pietrewicz on Dec. 30, 2011.
Group 4 Video
No description provided.
Yoga Motivation
No description provided.
Robby Andrews wins NCAA 800m
Jersey kid kicks down the field for the win. Andrews is a sophomore at UVA from Manalapan.
LV breaks 4
6/11/11 - Lukas Verzbicas breaks 4 at the Adidas Grand Prix at Icahn Stadium
Webb HS Mile Record!
5/27/01 - Alan Webb runs 3:53 mile. Also enjoy the dominance of Hicham El Guerrouj at the tippy ...
Multi Plane Core Strength Training
This video expands on the work we already do. It requires a minimal amount of equipment. Get busy...
Bulgarian Bag Exercises
Fellas, more fun at practice. Martin
Early Season Circuit
Part II. Martin
Early Season Circuit
Great circuit that incorporates all of Coach Mellott's circuit exercises. Martin
Five Foam Roller Exercises
Definitely worth watching. Martin
Vern gambetta on Flexibility
No description provided.
Rudisha Another 800m WR
Rudisha lowers his own WR a week later. This time we have Symmonds in lane 3 running a PR.
David Rudisha 800m WR
Rudisha is in lane 7. Our boy Leo runs a PR out of lane 3.
Another type of circuit
We will be adding more of this type of circuit this season, so get a jump on it before next Monda...
Summer Beach Fun
There are no excuses when you're down at the Shore. Get some friends together have some fun and a...
Summertime Circuit
Use your imagination for a running and strength building circuit. Martin
We Going International
The things we do know no boundaries. Martin
More Warm ups
Let's see if we can't get more of this before practice and races. It works. Martin
Four Essential Glute Exercises
Some pre-hab and rehab exercises to keep you injury free. Begin these today. Martin
Movement Training with the med ball
Another reason why the med ball is your friend. Martin
Tempo Warmup Redux
Just another sampling of spring track & field warm up. Martin
Med Ball Fun
Get ready for spring fitness. If you had your own med ball, you could start today. Martin
More Lunges
Fellas, Get ready for Spring. We will begin doing these shortly. Martin
Additional Tempo Warmup exercises
No description provided.
Shot Put Glide Technique
Comparison of glide technique of 5 world-class shot putters.
Med Ball Exercises
With the Holidays approaching, nothing beats an 8 lb med ball for a year of fun..and running exce...
Swiss ball for Runners
Fellas, This something all of you should do to supplement our core work. Martin
Blue Devil Analysis 3a
This is the new and improved video Part 3
Blue Devil Analysis 2
Part 2 runners 24-49. Martin
Blue Devil Analysis 1
Part 1 is the first 23 runners-Martin
Ethiopians Warming-Up
No description provided.
Usain Bolt 100m World Record
Usain Bolt's new world record - 9.58s.
XC Revival 2004
Part 1 of the documentary of the 2004 XC team put together by Richard Hughes. The full version ca...
1500m Final 2004 Olympics
Hicham El Guruge wins the 1500m final at the athens olympics even after hes passed in the final s...
2004 Olympic 800m Final
The Athens Olympic 800m Final, 2004. Russia's Borzakovskiy upsets Denmark's Kipketer for the gold...
Wariner blitzes field for 400-meter gold
American Jeremy Wariner retained his world 400-meter title in dazzling style to lead an American ...
Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt of Jamaica held off a strong finish from Wallace Spearmon to win the London Super Gran...