Boys Practice Sat 1/20

Distance and Sprint will be at Watchung Reservation at 9am - we meet in the Trailside Center lot.

All jumpers, meet Coach Mellott at Kehler at 8am.

No Boys Practice F1/19

A reminder that there is no boys practice on Friday, 1/19. Everyone not at the state meet today needs to get out for a run!

Practice Saturday 1/20 for distance and sprint will be at 9am at Watchung - Meet in the Trailside Center lot!.

Distance - CoreX, Marcus/Dynamics/Strides
A-C 50 mins
D-E 40 mins
F-G 30 mins

Sprinters - CoreX, Tempo/Dynamics
10x100 stride

Order of Events for Track Universe 12/28/17

6:30 bus!

All track events are girls, followed by boys:
Infield 9:00 start:
55HH Trials
55HH Finals
55 Trials
55 Finals

Oval 9:00 start
4x800 Relay
1600 Steeple

Boys practice Sat 12/23

Jumpers 8:00, Runners 9:00 - everyone at Kehler!

Winter Break Training - Boys

Here it is. Any questions, email.

Vacation form and Parent info

All boys are expected to complete the vacation form. Vacation training will be posted here on Thursday. You won't need a track!

Our parent meeting handout is here:

OYO Runs - Saturday 12/16

By this afternoon the roads should be decent. Get out there! Core and Rope stretching this weekend too!

Sprinters: the turf at Kehler should be clear this afternoon for strides.
20 mins jog, 6x strides, Core, Stretch

Distance guys: Core and Rope stretch for everyone!
Guys who ran the Nike meet: 65 mins

F - 50 mins

G - 45 mins

Get it done!

The scrimmage is ON for tomorrow!

Get to the field house as fast as possible! Bring your racing flats!

Boys Practice Sat 12/9 is ON - ECHO!

The snow isn't starting until noon! See you at 9:00 at ECHO!

Boys Team Store - Winter Track

Purchase warm gear here! Deadline is 11:59pm on Sunday 12/10.

Distance Meeting Survey

All Group IV Selections


2nd Team - Mia Melao
3rd Team - Sarah Hacker and Matt Meusel

All County and Conference Selections

Congratulations to the following...

All County -
1st Team - Mia Melao, Grace Morgan, Caroline Collins, Matt Meusel, Ethan Belka, James McCutcheon, Spencer Weigand
2nd Team - Sarah Hacker, Jonathan Givelber, Stuart Pollock, Zach Spergel
Team of the Year - Westfield

All Conference - Caroline Collins, Grace Morgan, Sarah Hacker, Lucy Gretsky, Mia Melao, Emma Jackler, Caroline Stockwell, Spencer Weigand, Matt Meusel, James McCutcheon, Jonathan Givelber, Zach Spergel, Ethan Belka, Stuart Pollock

MOC Rundown

11:00 girls race! 11:45 boys race!

Bus departs 8:30! Be there 8:15.

This is the biggest XC race in NJ! Whether you take the bus or get your own ride there, just get there!

You can park at Holmdel Park for this meet - no shuttle buses! Expect a big crowd so arrive early.


Handicaps for Monday's XC Mile are here! Who you got?
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